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Hear ye, hear ye! This blog be dedicated to everything about the swords and sorcery of the Slayers franchise!

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by Aquarina12

Slayers group

LuccaComics 2008

*thanks FabioHazard for the picture*

Just for fun)))
Since :icongreatqueenlina: come to me for shooting “the Slayers”, we decided not to limit us with the major costumes.
Correspondingly photoshoot done on the “Otome” too.
However instead of Amelia her sister Naga is, but who stirs? :)

Fandom: The Slayers (“Otome No Inori”)
Characters: Lina inverse, Naga Serpent
Cosplayers: Great Queen Lina :icongreatqueenlina:, Narven :iconque-mira-la-noche:
Photo: Selora :iconselora:


by inochi0

lonelyinglamorous Asked:
Nothing wrong with My Little Pony, it's a hella cute show. It's just a good chunk of the fandom that's disgusting.

My answer:

urraminneb Asked:
The sad part is, I used to run a Slayers Ponies blog. <.<;

My answer:

More power to you though. You were spreading the Slayers love!


by Jru

by lady-narven


by chisa

Our cosplay on LOVE3 convention in Wroclaw (2012)

click to see our presentation: [link] (BEST IN SHOW at LOVE3 in Poland)

click to see our facebook: [link]

Chester as Lina Inverse (you can see her on presentation)
:iconlinasakura: as Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun
:iconinochi0: as Sylphiel Nels Lahda
:iconaltair94: as Goury Gabriev
:iconniemtold: as Zelgadis Greywords
:iconarashiek: as Fillia un Copt
:iconkiracianek: as Xellos