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Food for thought: Lina Inverse didn’t take credit for calling Gaav, but she did with Hellmaster even though the Lord of Nightmares actually did. With Gaav, she merely weakened him. Hellmaster dealt the final blow. So, she doesn’t take credit for it. However, she didn’t really…

Then you can say the same thing about Gaav since she used ragna blade with the intention of killing him. She just didn’t deal the final blow.

No. She used Ragna Blade with the intention of killing him, however, the spell did not work like she intended/hoped it would, and after the spell took full effect Gaav was still alive. Her attempt was unsuccessful.

The spell she used to kill Fibrizzo, however, worked exactly has intended, and after it took full effect - that is, not just after L-sama came, but after she left, since the spell worked as a temporary summoning, not having L-sama stay, but having her come, do this one thing she was called for, and go, - so, after the spell took full effect, Fibrizzo was, as Lina intended, dead. Lina herself being alive was not an expected effect, but we are not discussing Lina having managed to stay alive, we are discussing Lina having killed Fibrizzo.
Now, had Lina’s plan gone awry in any way, this would have been different. If she had intended for L-sama to kill Fibrizzo for some other reason, or generally to act differently, and had the situation just resolved in her favor coincidentally/unexpectedly, or had she just not intended tos summon L-sama with the spell at all, then yes, it wouldn’t have counted.

However, in the anime (which is what I am talking about sorry if unclear) L-sama explicitly says that Lina intended to summon her and knew she would die in the process. She also says Lina did it for Gourry but I’m going to ignore this part now and forever sorry while I go puke.
Ahem. So, in anime canon, the key part to Lina’s claims to credit for Fibrizzo’s death is EVERYTHING WORKING AS SHE INTENDED.

As a parallel example which will hopefully illustrate my thinking here, let’s imagine that there is a king. And his son hires an assassin to murder him. And the king is successfully assassinated, and his son inherits the throne.
Was it the assassin that killed the king? Yes, absolutely.
Was it the prince that killed the king? Also yes.
If the plan was found out and there was a trial, they would be both guilty of king’s death. Not just the assassin, but also the prince. Because it was his plan and therefore his doing.

As a conclusion: I know nothing about the novels, but in the anime continuity, Lina absolutely totally killed Fibrizzo.

Yet, Lord of Nightmares didn’t attack Hellmaster at first. She made it clear to him she is the boss and only attacked after he did. She also granted Gourry’s his desire, and partially Hellmaster’s. While Lina summoned LON, she certainly wasn’t the one making decisions including who lives or dies. Therefore, either Lina is taking undue credit in certain respects which isn’t her normal behavior or she identifies as LON as well.

Lord of Nightmares wasn’t taking orders from Lina. However, she was aware of Lina’s desires when she summoned her, and thought them at least significant enough to mention to her friends.

True that, she didn’t have full intention of following through with Lina’s plan initially, but she did end up doing exactly that. Yes, Lina’s plan was on the verge of failing. Yes, it was a big gamble. Yes, Lina couldn’t have known with 100% certainity it would work.

However, it did.

It’s possible that I am lenient here. I wouldn’t have considered this much involvement enough if Lina was facing, like, some bandit - “I cast a spell that summoned someone I hoped would kill them and they did although not immediately”. But with power disparity like one between Lina and Hellmaster? Yes, this counts. Lina came up with the best desperate plan she could. It worked. She killed him. It counts.

You may or may not agree with the POV that this is enough. You might think Lina is claiming too much credit. This is up to individual judgement. However, I am fairly sure that my logic in this case is Lina’s, and her possible identification with the Lord of Nightmares (which is an interesting topic in itself) does not have anything to do with it.

This is precisely my point. She had no control over LON and it was possible LON wouldn’t do what she wanted. In some respects she didn’t because Lina was brought out of the sea of chaos by her because of Gourry.

I agree the identification of LON and Lina is very interesting. Hence why I made the initial post. There’s more instances that raises eyebrows other than this one that really makes it seem maybe Lina is an avatar of LON? Or maybe Lina is different since coming out of chaos? Or why Lina is so powerful in the first place? Etc. I find it entertaining to say the least.

I think we have different interpretations of the events based on facts and I enjoy it. It’s nice to see some thought provoking conversations about Slayers.

Discussion on the events of Slayers NEXT involving the Lord of Nightmares.


We posted these photos along time ago on The Slayers Blog, now I’ve found the actual source for them! This has to be hands down, some of the best cosplay I’ve ever seen.

Cosplayer Neoqueenhoneybee


Food for thought: Lina Inverse didn’t take credit for calling Gaav, but she did with Hellmaster even though the Lord of Nightmares actually did. With Gaav, she merely weakened him. Hellmaster dealt the final blow. So, she doesn’t take credit for it. However, she didn’t…

It may have ended the same but she didn’t do it. If LON decided to destroy everything, I’m doubting that’s something she’d take credit for if she still existed. Whenever someone else does something, and people give Lina credit for it, she doesn’t take credit for it. Her actions also led to Gaav’s demise, but she still doesn’t take credit for it.

Food for thought: Lina Inverse didn’t take credit for calling Gaav, but she did with Hellmaster even though the Lord of Nightmares actually did. With Gaav, she merely weakened him. Hellmaster dealt the final blow. So, she doesn’t take credit for it. However, she didn’t really weaken Hellmaster at all. The Lord of Nightmares possessed her and destroyed Hellmaster. Does this mean Lina identifies as the Lord of Nightmares? ;-)


Happy Crystal


Nahga says:  ”OH HO HO HO HO HO HO!  The paragon of class and refinement, Nahga the White Serpent is my name!  Class and refinement are two attributes completely foreign to our host Melissa Mao, who is obviously jealous of me being such an intelligent, cultured, statuesque diva.  Like that blonde cow-boobs hussy before me said, it’s okay for Melissa to be jealous of me, since most all other women are.  Here I am, where I belong, in the main event of this wonderful page.  However, I too shall be generous and share the spotlight with my petite junior partner Lina Inverse.

Rudie is once again favoring us with some Latin in a poster of the Slayers series, much like he did a while ago for me in this repost of a previously posted piece starring moi.  Latin has always been a cornerstone of a well-rounded and refined education for these many centuries, you know, and Rudie consistently made high marks in high school Latin class.  Anyway, for Lina’s poster, it’s the classic Latin phrase which in English has been commonly translated as “Let them hate me, so long as they fear me.”  The phrase has been associated with the Roman emperor Caligula, though there is no record of him ever having said that except for the historian Suetonius in The Twelve Caesars.  It is believed that Caligula was using a quote from the Roman tragedian Lucius Accius, but few people know anything about Accius, while Caligula has captured people’s imaginations on the basis of how deep his blood thirst and sexual perversity went.

I swear that Lina has much of Caligula’s cruelty in her, and I’m sure her travelling companions would be hard pressed to disagree.  Her series won’t allow her to share Caligula’s sexual perversity, and neither will our OVA episodes, though.  Like Melissa Mao says about herself, Lina fights in ways that make dirty look good in comparison.  She makes a lot of enemies with her personality, but she doesn’t kill them.  Partly it’s out of compassion, but mostly it’s because she wants them to spread the word about her power so that future adversaries can be discouraged from tangling with her.  Which brings us around to the subtitle in the screen shot and to the Latin quote chosen by Rudie.  Au revoir, my dear fans, or as the Latin motto of the state of New York and of Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee goes, ‘excelsior!’ (ever upward)”