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Hear ye, hear ye! This blog be dedicated to everything about the swords and sorcery of the Slayers franchise!

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Yeah, sure. Platonically frustrated.

*cough* idon’tbelieveyou!



someone translate this please

it’s cold

That’s why we built this fire. To not be cold.

I’ve got it!


I adore that Lina is unapologetically angry, selfish, cunning and opinionated. It might seem odd that someone with as many selfish tendencies as Lina could be considered a role model, but she is totally my hero! Lina is totally herself at at all times, and doesn’t do things for the sake of pleasing others.

Lina is awesome and she knows it, but when faced with an obstacle or something she doesn’t understand, she admit she doesn’t know what to do and finds way to overcome whatever is in her way. She never gives up. 

Lina Inverse is amazing!


[source] Lina is tired of these inescapable Seyruun women and their massive boobs in her face.

It’s 420, so here’s an image of Lina high.

Levitation by Neizu on Deviantart.


Too lovable for words.


i haven’t seen a Slayers one yet, so i made one myself

someone translate this please